Microsoft Wedge Touch Bluetooth Mouse


Four-Way Touch Scrolling
– Scroll vertically AND horizontally
– Flick up, down, and side to side to navigate
– Scroll slowly with a gentle swipe
– Scroll quickly with a flick of the finger, then tap to stop

Product Details
– Compact design for ultimate portability
– 4-way touch scrolling for navigating up, down, left and right
– Works on virtually any surface with BlueTrack Technology
– Wireless Bluetooth connectivity – no transceiver required
– Optimized for Windows navigation

Not only is Wedge Touch Mouse compact, it doesn’t come with cables or USB transceivers. Just turn it on and connect it to your Bluetooth-enabled laptop or tablet. Additionally, BlueTrack technology means it tracks on virtually any surface, whether you’re at a conference or a coffee shop. Wedge Touch Mouse even knows how to conserve energy. When your PC or tablet is shut down or hibernating, the mouse goes into “Backpack Mode.” You can throw it into your bag and not worry if you turned it off because it senses that it no longer needs to be on.


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