Terms And Conditions

Maxio IT Solutions – Terms And Conditions

Welcome to the maxio.ng website. The purpose of the website is to provide you with access to a variety of tech products, services as well as useful tech. tips and guides. These Terms and Conditions constitutes the website terms of use and you should carefully review the Agreement before continuing on with your use of the website.

1.1 Payment for goods ordered must be received by us before the item(s) is dispatched unless payment on delivery has been agreed upon.
1.2 Payment via cash transfer or bank deposit is preferred, but where this is not available, cash payment is also acceptable.
1.3 Please note that every cash transfer made must be verified before the item is handed over to the customer.
1.4 We would not be held liable for any transaction made from a fraudulent account or a stolen debit card.

2.1 We deliver goods and services to the bus-stop nearest to the address provided or doorstep delivery depending on the location and item involved.
2.2 We currently do not offer doorstep delivery outside of Lagos state and if an item is sent outside Lagos, a pickup location would be communicated to you.
2.3 If you discover that a wrong item was sent to you or a fault resulting from the dispatch, please contact us as soon as possible.

3.1 The Prices listed on this website are fixed and unless a discount or coupon has been provided or agreed upon, customers should ensure to pay the right amount before delivery can be initiated.
3.2 Prices listed here do not include delivery fees, unless stated or agreed upon prior to delivery.

4.1 We do not offer refund for products and services, but would repair or replace any product found to be faulty (or if a wrong item was sent) as far as it falls within our stipulated warranty period.
4.2 Item found to be damaged or scratched beyond how it was sold by the customer is not liable for replacement.


5.1 All items unless otherwise stated are liable for return within three days after reception if it does not match the description provided on this website or if discovered to be faulty.

5.1 Items past the three days return window are also liable for up to thirty days warranty starting from the day it was received. Within this period, any fault discovered excluding those listed below would be fixed for free, but if this isn’t possible, such item would be replaced with another available option or the customer’s choice.

5.2 We always offer assistance and support to customers outside of our warranty period for free but physical repairs may attract a fee.

5.3 Customers are responsible for bringing in and collecting items sent for repairs unless an alternative has been previously agreed upon.

5.4 The Following is not covered by our warranty

5.4.1 Physical damages caused by drops, liquid spill etc.
5.4.2 Any item that has been tempered with, modified or repaired by the customer or a third party.

5.4.3 Software related problems.

5.4.4 Cost of shipping.

5.4.5 Past the thee days testing and return grace period; screen, hard drive /SSD, keyboard, battery.


At Maxio IT Solutions, we strive to make sure our customers are satisfied beyond their expectations. All our products have been fully tested before listing on this website and we would never intentionally sell you a faulty item. We appreciate you and I hope to make you a customer loyal to our brand.

If you have any Idea that can help us get better or a comment as regards to our servives, we would love to hear from you.