Dell Latitude 7490 – Core i7, 8th Gen


– Still in very good condition
– 256GB SSD storage
– 14-inch Full HD IPS display
– Intel Core i7-8650u processor [8th generation]
– Four cores, eight threads processor
– Intel UHD Graphics
– Backlit keyboard
– Battery life: Up to 12 hours of video playback
– USB C port with Thunderbolt support
– SIM card slot
– original charger included

The 14-inch Dell Latitude 7490 retains the same design as the previous year’s Latitude 7480 but sports a new quad-core U-series CPU. The Core i7-8650U is a significant upgrade over the dual-core chip in the previous iteration. The Dell Latitude is a solid business laptop with good battery life and strong all-round performance. It’s tough enough to travel well, if a little on the heavy side.


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